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      為流程工業氣體、液體以及蒸汽提供整體流量測量整體解決方案。 Provide an overall flow measurement solution for gas, liquid and steam in the process industry.

      重慶川儀流量儀表分公司擁有多年專業從事流量儀表及流量測量整體方案的集技術研發、制造、銷售、服務為一體的工作經驗及技術,可應對嚴苛的測量條件和分析測量難點,滿足客戶不同的生產需求。 CHONGQING CHUANYI AUTOMATION CO.,LTD. FLOWMETER BRANCH has many years of professional work experience and technology in research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of flow meter and overall flow measurement scheme and can cope with harsh measurement conditions to analyze measurement difficulties and meet different production needs of customers.

      市政供水系統一體化解決方案 Integrated solution
      for municipal water supply

      各行業解決方案流量計量的主要供應表計-電磁流量計 Electromagnetic flowmeter---a meter supplied in flow measurement of various industrial solutions

      設計壽命高達15年,與裝置的生命周期幾乎同步。 MFE series high-performance electromagnetic flowmeter has many built-in complex communication capabilities. By adopting the functional magnetic field technology and DSP digital processing technology, while meeting the requirements of low flow rate measurement and low conductivity measurement, the product can reach a measuring range ratio as high as 1,500:1, a minimum straight pipe section of only 1.6 D, and a design life as high as 15 years, which is almost synchronous with the life cycle of the device.